Peritoneal Dialysis in Adolescents

Peritoneal Dialysis in Adolescents by Ed Kohaut.

Of the 2,828 patients reported in 1997 from North American Pediatric Renal Transplant Cooperative Study (NAPRTCS) dialysis data base, 1326 or 46.9% are over age of thirteen. Fifty-four percent 729 these adolescents being treated with some form peritoneal dialysis. Although, represent 26% entire base and therefore presumable a similar pediatric population, few studies this specific patient group have been undertaken.(1)KeywordsPeritoneal DialysisContinuous Ambulatory Peritoneal DialysisTanner StageResidual FunctionHeight Standard Deviation ScoreThese keywords were added by machine not authors. This process is experimental may be updated as learning algorithm improves.

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