Pregnancy in Cushing’s Syndrome

Pregnancy in Cushing’s Syndrome by Tomohiro Nakayama, Masayoshi Soma, Atsushi Kubo, Masako Matsuoka, Yoshinobu Abe, Miki Ito, Masashi Watanabe, Yoshiyasu Watanabe, Yoichi Izumi, Tadao Yasugi.

Pregnancy in cases of Cushing’s syndrome is rare. A pregnant patient with due to an adrenal adenoma who was diagnosed the third trimester described. She underwent conservative treatment for and delivered a normal infant by Caesarean section. Currently, 121 pregnancies 97 patients have been reported, but principle mother fetus has not yet established. We reviewed pregnancy based on world literature evaluated choice take. In first pregnancy, therapeutic abortion or surgical treatment, such as adrenalectomy resection pituitary tumor syndrome, recommended severe hypercorticism (plasma cortisol > = 30 micrograms/dl, urinary 17-OHCS 15 mg/day, free 1000 micrograms/day), while mild < micrograms/day). second hypercorticism, hypercorticism. section most cases. Drug treatments metyrapone should be limited showing maternal high risk contraindications treatment.

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