Relativistic Jet Formation in Microquasars

Relativistic Jet Formation in Microquasars by David L. Meier.

Microquasars produce collimated, relativistic flow at speeds up to a Lorentz factor of ∼ 3 (0.94c). It is generally believed that such velocities indicate jet acceleration and collimation occurs in the environment supermassive black hole. Recently, several groups around world have begun test theories formation using magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations magnetized gas holes. This paper reviews field MHD formation, with an emphasis on producing observed role hole angular momentum might play. shown most powerful jets occur when rotating rapidly accretion disk geometrically thick hot. model may explain association ejection hard state microquasars.KeywordsBlack HoleAccretion DiskRadio GalaxyLorentz FactorEscape VelocityThese keywords were added by machine not authors. process experimental be updated as learning algorithm improves.

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